Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Another semi serious topic.I was recently told that I am trying to have too good a fire department.Budd is quite sure that this was not meant as a compliment.The person saying this didn't really elaborate just "too good a fire department".
Budd freely admits he probably is.I want too have too good a fire department to have any one of my firefighters get hurt.I want too good a department to lose any life we could have saved.I want to have too good a dept.to keep any citizen from losing there home or property that we could have saved.I want to have too good a dept. for my current ISO rating , I want it lowered and maybe we can save some money for the citizens.
The same person also said to Budd "training and all".Budd being as obtuse as he is did not understand the inflection.However Budd does believe in training that's why he encourages it and offers so much to a small department.Budd's thought process is that the more well trained the dept.is the less chance of some one being hurt and the better job the dept.can and will do.
My dept.is paid on call 10.00$ for a drill and for a fire.This is much appreciated.Two of Budds firefighters recently discussed this and after much math of the higher sort , they discovered they had earned this year 26 cents an hour.The thing that shows the heart of these guys is that they were not griping about it they were laughing at it.They would be doing the same thing if they only made half that , really they would be doing it for nothing.
While Budd appreciates their math ability there were a few factors left out in their formula . They failed to include the clothes they ruined at scenes , they also failed to include the gas they spent going to calls and training , for dome reason they didn't include the times they stopped by the station to do some job that needed to be done.
Budd has certain rules of command like asking for other peoples opinions and listening to people.He has recently added another one - when a person speaks ill of a volunteer look to see if that person volunteers , chances are they don't . It takes a special person to willingly give their time and efforts to help people they don't know.
Budd hopes he does want to have too good a fire dept.someday they might even learn to park the command vehicle across the railroad track.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I normally make fun of the silly things we do in emergency services,but I would like to be serious today. Today my partner and I responded to a fatality MVA.I started thinking of my career if you Can call it that.I started as a deputy in 1979 that's 29 years ago.It was probably six months into my job that I responded to my first fatality,it was a drowning of an 8 year old girl.It must have hit me pretty hard because I still remember it.
I counted up all the fatalities they I have responded to either in LE , SAR ,fire or EMS.It was quite a list.There were 19 fatalities that came to mind.These weren't codes but fatalities MVA or GSW or fires.Codes you can reason away after all sickness and disease are part of life even if it does all ways come too quickly for us.
The point of what I am saying is that I was affected by each one of the events.I can remember them so I must have been affected.Most of the people reading this are probably in emergency services in some way.You too have been thru these traumatic incidents and they have affected you,whether you admits it or not.police are the worst in denying that anything ever bothers them followed closely by young people in any profession.
I make no secret of being a follower of Jesus.This is part of the way that I cope with tragedy.
If you do respond to a traumatic incident get some help.I know you are tough and that stuff is for weak people who rent as tough as you.But I will tell you that you aint tough enough to handle all this stress all by your self.I am not saying you have to get in a critical incident stress program but find you a confidante you trust completely and talk with them and listen to them.
This doesn't make you weak or a coward it makes you smart.You probably love your job well this can keep you enjoying it longer.You know the signs and symptoms of it:you keep reliving the incident,you dream about it.you doubt your calls,you don't sleep or you sleep too much or you drink too much.or you self medicate or your sex life is gone,or you can't laugh and enjoy life.If you see any of these in yourself don't be stupid get yourself some help
How do you get help?first try your pastor second try a mental health clinic,go to your boss and say"i need some help"or even call me I can put you in contact with someone.Talk to your spouse don't shut them out,they love you and don't want to see you self destruct.
My wife is my best friend and when I say "I worked a fatality today'she always says"are you ok?"because she cares
I know this is rambling but I want you to stay in the "business"as long as you can.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

WAOB part 6?

Its 11:20 on sunday night I am 63 hours and 20 minutes into a 72 hour shift.Budds brain at this stage is even fuzzier than normal.However Budd realizees that his many fans and students are crying out for another inspirational lesson in the exciting field of EMS/Fire.Its possible that no one is really crying out for another lesson its just that I'm afraid that if I go to bed the bat phone will ring and I will have to do some thing.
This time Budd will take questions from the class.thats right any question you have you can now ask.The phone lines are open.I'm waiting and waiting any question any one, now is your chance,the question you always wanted to ask............................I'm still waiting.OK in that case I will assume that you are to shy to ask and I will ask some questions of my own.
#1 Why is the warning on the back of a fire truck,you know the one that says "KEEP BACK 250 FEET" written in letters so small they can only be read from 50 feet?
ANSWER 1 This goes back into the early days of the fire service somewhere around the early or mid 80's there was a tv program that was very popular with fire fighters.The show was called Max Headroom.For all of you that don't understand google it.
#2 Why are there so many acronyms used in NIMS?
ANSWER 2 It is a weak attempt by those in charge of such things to imitate the Budd Model of ICS.Remember the first rule of the Budd model is to create confusion.Who knows what a JIC or a JIS or a HP or a HBO is?and yet they are NIMS terms.
#3 Who are the multi jurisdictional agencies that we read about that authored the NIMS documents?
ANSWER 3 They are the same people that helped write our SOGs: a loose band of crack heads that some judge sentenced to community service.Budd shouldn't insult crack heads so.The real answer is they are nephews of a very powerful politician,who couldn't get a real job so thier uncle set them up with a nice goverment contract.
#4 Why do we in emergency services only see politicians in an election year ?
ANSWER 4 Do not look a gift horse in the mouth.Seriously(it is now 13 hours later, the bat phone rang and we wound up with a run and a transfer.I've gotten off work and gone home and tried to sleep but everyone in the world had question s for the fire dept today.I've given up on sleeping and gotten up.Budds dedication to you dear student is just unbelievable)back to the question seriously if you have got to ask why you only see the politicians on election year you obviously failed Emergency Services and politics 101a.This is the class that teaches you that any program that the goverment says is to help fire and ems is immediately eaten up by the agency created to administer the program.The politicians only come around during election year to help you.
#5 Why do agencies fight so much among them selves?
ANSWER 5 Budd has spent considerable research into this area and has concluded that we think it is fun.It is a hobby among reponders,hobbies don't have to make sense.Some people raise snakes that doesn't make sense,some people for a hobby crawl into caves,that doesn't make sense but they think it s fun,so they do it.We apparently think it is fun to fight and destroy our departments.I think it is because the work we do requires aggressive personalities and put us together and we are aggressive to each other.
#6 Why do you keep saying "park your command vehicle across the railroad tracks"?
ANSWER#6 Because it is the highest place in town.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WAOB and credentialing

Credentialing is the buzz word among public safety agencies now and these same agencies are spending large amounts of money to insure credentialing.Budd has a desire to help fellow public servants and is presenting his Budd Model of ICS Credentialing for Public Safety Professionals.
This seminar is presented free to all public servants just have your company send payment in the form of cash to Budd.This seminar is presented in the form of frequently asked questions.So remember all that you have learned of the Budd model and lets begin.CEUs may be available for this lesson.Just let me know before you apply for them.
#1What is credentialing?Credentialing is a term that was thought up by a person who has 1 - a laptop 2 - a lot of time with nothing to do.However this person has an uncle who is a very powerful senator.With this connection he sold the whole concept to the government for a very large sum of money.The government to justify this is passing the concept to people who actually have a job.Of course other agencies and study groups as well as taskforces have to be implemented to make sure the crendentailing process is done thoroughly and in an orderly manner.Crendenialing is making sure you are who you think you are and you do what you think you do.Budd once knew an individual who thought he was some one else and did what they were supposed to do for his entire career.Then through credentialing he found this out and sued himself for identity theft and lost wages.But as you can see identity is the key in credentialing.
#2 How does one proceed through the credentailing process?For management this is easy ,for the actual street level employee it is more complicated.To understand this we must view the etymology of the word "cre"is an early American expression meaning to inflict dentailis from dental a medical term meaning pain.From this we see that credentialing is to inflict pain on the person working the street.
#3Budd you are really smart on this stuff
#4 and handsome
#5 What has brought about this emphasis on credentailing?NIMS what else?We all knew who we were and what we did before the NIMS classes turned our brains to mush.
#6 Budd do you have any tips for the ordinary person to help them through this long ,difficult process?Budd does and he thought you would never ask.We call this part of the seminar THE THREE MAGIC WORDS or in NIMS speak ttmw.You should affix ttmw to a Velcro backing so that they can be easily placed on your ICS vest.Make each one of ttmw 1/3 the size of the label on your vest and clearly wri
#7 SHUT UP AND TELL US TTMW. That isn't a question but Budd will answer it any way.TTMW are in this order(to begin with)GOVERNMENT-AGENCY-LIAISON.
#8Why those words?Remember the concept behing credentialing is identity and the concept behind the BUDD MODEL is confusion.These three words have been chosen after much study because they can mean so many different things.
#9 Give us an example.Getting a little pushy there aren't we ?Where are you from North East Arkansas?Example:day one your ICS vest reads GOVERNMENT AGENCY LIAISON this title is good for at least a week.No one wants to interfere with a hard working goverment agency liason.The Liason might get offended and report to some one that you are trouble maker. The thought never occurs to them who the liaison would report them to.So if you frown a lot and mumble you can be the official GOVERNMENT AGENCY LIAISON for at least a week.
After 1 week change TTMW so that they readAGENCY GOVERNMENT LIAISON.Now you represent the agency to the goverment.The goverment agencies can't be expected to know you and the agency doesn't want to interfere with you doing your job.You can probably with luck get 3 or 4 days out of this title.However agency personnel tend to talk among them selves so it might pop out in a conversation that no one from any agency knows you.Always have an agency name that is not present ready to use if the need arises.
Next change your ICS vest to read LIAISON AGENCY GOVERNMENT .
#10 That doesn't even make sense!Precisely are you a government liaison to the agency or a agency liaison to the government?who knows?but you have a title and people will not want to show their ignorance by asking.Hopefully the event will be over and you can leave before any one gets their nerve up enough to ask"Who are you?What are you doing".If you are asked this question answer by saying "that is a good question and when we know we will tell you"This answer establishes that you are very high in the ICS structure.
#11 Any other tips?Park your command vehicle across the railroad tracks,it's the highest place in town.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

WAOB part 4

When we last visited with Budd we saw him at forward operating base hilton in Layfayette La.Here we saw Budd deveoping lobby based EMS and trying to teach the cajuns the Budd Model of Incident command.Budd being the dutiful public servant has been trying to learn somethings to.He has learned about the cajun model of EMS.This model dictates running lights and siren while trying to find where you are supposed to go.In this model you run the ambulances between towns in convoys at 45 mph.Why you ask.This is done so that when 1 ambulance gets lost they are all lost , it is also valuable when stopping for fuel much more time can be lost.Budd has also learned about meetings.Meetings are very important in ICS.They are used to set the time for other meetings.A common rookie mistake here is to use the meeting to convey information.At all times when having a meeting and information is asked for the answer should be "We dont know and when we do know we will have a meeting to tell you"Remember that at every meeting you must decide to have another meeting , so using this method you can soon wear people out by just going to meetings. Budd has also learned about logistics.Many people wrongly believe that the purpose of this branch is to supply the equipment that is needed to accomplish the given task , this is wrong.The purpose of logistics is to avoid detection and to supply places to have meetings.A good logistics head can hide from every one, in fact if they are really good they don't even have to leave home.If an IC points out we will need fuel the proffesional logistics leader can reply,from his easy chair at home,tell them to go to a gas station.NO SWEAT.If there is a question about communications supply the following:_________________ .Another tip for the logistics chief : do not under any circumstances supply maps to out of state crews.This has a twofold purpose it aids in transport and response times and it requires the IC to recognize you , he must keep calling for fuel for lost ambulances.This reminds people that it is really you that is in charge. Budd has noticed that air transportation has really influenced EMS not with helicopter patient transports but with the "holding pattern".If you don't know what to do with a group of ambulances use this technique.Just keep giving nonsensecal directions, keep them moving.If you can do this for 2 hours you can then direct them into a circular pattern around the city where the stading area is. Next we will review staging this is where rescources are kept until assignment and human assests can be tortured.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I've been asked by a few people to put on the blog a series of e-mails I wrote to friends.These e-mails were written to people in emergency services to make us laugh at ourselves.They are not meant to be critical of anyone or any goup.If they offend you I hate it because they were not meant to.
I started these at the Arkansas Emergency Management Conference,where my phone was "stolen" and there was quite an adventure in getting a new one. I was frantic to have a phone because hurricane Gustav was coming ashore and we were preparing to shelter evacuees.I called the first one The "Wonderful Adventure of Budd " out of this "WAOB" was born.These were written going down the road or sitting in an ambulance so spelling is not good and grammar sure isn't.Enough of this, here goes:
WAOB : part 3 (I think)
When we last saw Budd he was on his way to confront hurricane Ike,lets rejoin him 8 days into this wonderful adventure:> Budd is now stationed in Lafayette La.at the Hilton Convention center.Here Budd has developed a new form of EMS called lobby EMS.This strenous bbut rewarding field of EMS consist of sitting in the lobby of the Hilton, watching for anything that might require EMS and being prepared to dial 911.Many unscroupulous EMSers would charge Hilton for this,Budd doesn't,Hilton refused to pay.> Along with lobby EMS Budd has also established forward operating base hilton(here after reffered to as FOBH)command.Command is a heavy burden but Budd is willing to bear the load as long as some one else does the work.One of the many problems Budd has faced in fobh is that electric line workers and relief personell try to take his chair.This has neccessiated a change to NIMS there is now in any command structure a position known as chair watcher.This comes from Budds'most often given command "somebody watch my chair"> Budd is extremely proud to note that La hos adopted the Budd method of incident command, that is make sure that no one knows what is going on and create total confusion.Budd has spent years developing this style of command and is sure someday he will be famous for it.A few people might not be familar with this style so lets illustrate.First you take a totaly independant organization named LEMUA that is taffed by Drs and Nurses from acroos the state,that has raised its own funds so that they can be free from gov't red tape,and has thier own field ER put them in a small town that is flooded after a hurricane , where they are happy giving tetnasus shots and treating things like poison oak,snake and spider bites and anything alse that comes along and doing a heck of qa job at it.Now that you have this pictured in your mind the Budd model says send 16 ambulances and crews to HELP THEM.Do not send just any crews send crews that have been in a disaster area and> not allowed to do patient care for 3 days.The best test of the Budd to see if it is working properly is to closely observe the doctors face when you report that you have 16 ambulances and crews there to HELP THEM.If his face shows any 2 of the following signs you have suceeded:fear,anger,fear,disbelief,fear,shock,fear,outrage,fear,rage,fear,or if the doctor begins to exhibit symptomns of the big one you have succeeded.A few people may be strong enough to merely get tight lipped and say "thank you,you can triage"watch this person they are in denial.You must compensate for this by triageing everything as critical.> The next step in the Budd model states move all of your resources away from where you need them.Many people might question this but there is an obvious answer,this way you can call in more rescouces to supply them.However don't fall for the first timers mistake of placing these rescources where they are easy to find.Fuel supply dumps must be placed a minimun of 12 milesaway from the roads,we have found that 12 miles is the optimum figure because any less and it would be too easy any more and the ambulance crews tend to stop at the filling stations they are passing.> > One other benefit of moving your rescources to where they are not needed is transport times, For example if you have patients in arkansas that need to be returned to La,have all of your ambulances come to south La so that they can recieve the assignment to go to Arkansas to get the patient to bring them to La.> One other change to NIMS has been made the common definition of strike team is no longer to be usedif the rescources come from different states they immediately become a task force.> Also always remember that at least one person in every crew should not want to be where they are.> Next edition we will look at how to foster fear and cooperation with other agencies.> until next time always remember park your command center acroos the RR tracks,that is the highest place in town.> > > >

Friday, July 4, 2008


It is the 4th of July as I post this.On this day I think of all the blessings which God has bestowed upon this country.We have more freedom than any country in the world.We are the richest country with the highest living standard.

I just read the declaration of independence,And I thank God for the men who signed it and pledged their lives,fortunes and sacred honor to this new ,unproven country.

In recent weeks the supreme court has ruled that we as a free people have a right to own weapons to protect our lives and property.I am thankful for this ruling,but ashamed that we have drifted so far from what the founding Fathers intended that we must go to court for approval that the founders of this country assumed was a natural right.

As I read the Declaration Of Independence it occurred to me that the signers referenced their belief in God.This nation was founded to be a nation that was to be a nation that would seek Gods direction in all of her courses of action.Notice that the Bill of Rights was written to keep politics out of religion ,not religions out of politics.No where in the constitution is there mentioned the separation of church and state.

On a personal note in the photograph above you see probably the two smartest,cutest,strongest twins in the world.They are Luke and Jacob McBride,grandsons of Sharon and Budd Dunson,nephews of Holli.Parents are John and Sarah McBride,Sarah is our oldest daughter.We thank God for their safe arrival,and we dedicate them to God for his service,and pray His blessings on them.

Have a safe and happy fourth.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I will get back to blogging

I've been busy with after election stuff and a fire dept ISO review.But I will resume shortly.I am now a grand father of twin boys as of monday afternoon,Jacob Charles and Luke William.Thats right daughter Sarah and son-in-law John have twins.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Parson road tornado

According to the National Weather service At 9:03am last Friday a F1 tornado struck on Parsons road in north Howard county.The tornado lasted 5 minutes with a path 4 miles long and 50 yards wide.I responded to check for injuries and do damage assessment.I didn't do any politicking as I felt this wasn't the time or the place.I've included some pictures I took of the damage.A special thank you to Kirby and Kirby and Lawrence Land and Timber for the efforts in opening the road.

I ate lunch at the Umpire store and need to warn everyone if you are there at lunch you better have thick skin.

Saturday was the peach festival in Nashville and it was quite a success.Sharon and Holli helped me pass out fliers and cards.We also had my laptop with our web page going.I took a lot of pictures but am not able to down load them tonight.

After the festival we went to the Umpire /Athens fire department fishfry.Again pictures but not able to down load.

These two fire depts.are special to me,I taught their first responder course and developed some very special friends there.Their fishfry is more like an old fashioned community homecoming,the people are always friendly and conversation is good.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Howard county Campaign trail

I have always tried to go to benefits especialy for fire departments.I always enjoy them and the people there.
I can't remember how many events Sharon and I have been to this year.I got to speak to the senior adults at the Howard county Senior citizens center,and this was really enjoyable because many people there knew my grandparents and my parents.I've been to the Howard county Cattlemans association twice and these people are the foundation of our country,because a nation is only as strong as its food supply.
The Democratic party of Howard county sponsored a fish fry.All the local candidates spoke and we had plenty of fish,I've never eaten all the fish I wanted but I have eaten all I could hold and I did that night.
Last Saturday We went to Center Point for the fire Department Benefit.As usual the food was excellent , the entertainment great and I understand the benefit was very successful.
The county line Fire Department was a great success.
This weekend is the peach festival at Nashville and there will be something for everyone.I am planning on having a booth there so stop by and say hi.
Saturday night I will be at the Athens/Umpire Fire Department benefit.Please come out and support these groups.
Many of you know my lab,Chas,well Chas is missing so Sharon and I are driving around looking for him.If you don't know Chas he is a large,100lbs,yellow lab with a brown leather collar.If you see him please give me a call.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The greatest county in Arkansas

I have been to so many events in the past few weeks,at everyone of them I've been impressed by the depth of feeling people have for this county.You see it in fire departments and civic clubs and churches and places of business.
Three places that really made me notice this were at the North Howard Community Council Meeting.After years and years of meetings and hard work it seems that rural water in North Howard is on the way.These people believe in Howard county and have worked to improve the quality of life for others.
The Community Health Fair held at the Nashville city park was another demonstration of people believing in the county.There were volunteer groups there that are involved in the public health field.These people gave up their Saturday to help others.
I got to do an in service for Howard county Children Center Employees.I really enjoy doing preparedness training but these people made it special.They are concerned about their clients and it shows.HCCC employees have helped and continue to help many citizens of Howard County.
By the way congratulations HCCC on breaking ground for building 10.the Liz Bell Adult Education Building.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I am big believer in the second amendment.One of the major groups that protects our right To keep and bear arms is the National Rifle Association.I have been privileged to attend every friends of NRA banquet in Howard county.The proceeds from this banquet stay in Arkansas to further young shooters education and young peoples shooting sports.We are fortunate that in Howard County we have a good range and several good leaders in the 4H shooting sports program.
For the past couple of years I have had the chance to help with the banquet,this year due to campaigning I didn't get to help as much as I would have liked.Ronnie Furr worked hard and we had a good banquet and auction.I really enjoy the banquet it is one of the friendliest events that I go to.Everyone is friendly and the whole nite is family friendly.I think Sharon and Holli enjoy it as much as I do.
People always ask me about hunting , I don't really hunt but I do enjoy shooting and try to shoot at least once a week.Mostly I shoot pistols but lately I've been playing with a rifle or two.
Remember register to vote and vote for Budd!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dierks Easter egg hunt

I got to go to the Easter egg hunt at Dierks Elementary.This was sponsored by the Dierks Chamber of Commerce,the same people who do the Pine Tree Festival,one of the oldest events in southwest Arkansas.Here are a few of the pictures I took.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

tuesdays' storms

Around 9:00pm Tuesday I was called about flooding on hwy 371 west of Nashville.The report was of a foot of water on the highway.I left home and arrived about 15 minutes later and there was only about 2 to 3 inches of water flowing across the road.The hwy dept arrived and placed warning barrels.I went up county line road north and there were several places where water was over the road.I then traveled down hwy 355 and there were several places that culverts just could not carry the water and water had crossed over the highway.The MS fire dept placed cones at the most dangerous one.I didn't get called any more that night.However there was significant damage to county roads and today I learned of damage to a chicken house in the Dierks area.
This is one of the reasons I want to be your county judge.There are programs to help with the cost of the repair to these roads.I have dealt with these programs and know how they work.The county judge needs to be out and observing the storm damage as soon as possible,and I will be.
We will have storm damages in Howard county in the future.I have dealt with this and want to continue to serve Howard county with the experience I have gained.
If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

Monday, March 3, 2008

severe weather

This morning we had a line of severe thunderstorms move over southern Howard county and a tornado warning was issued.We were fortunate in that damage was slight.Emergency management , and fire depts.were out and about.Thank you guys.This is the first time we have used the new AWIN radios to any extent and they performed well.
I did damage assessment from Tollette to Bright Star and Schaal,and moved a few limbs out of the road.
There is a possibility of snow tonite after all this is Arkansas.
There is a chance of more severe weather later this week so be prepared.
I finalized the order for signs today so we will e getting them out soon.I got to be the first candidate to file today.Later I went out and went door to door for a while.I hope to get the county covered by election.Thanks for every ones support.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dierks Chamber Banquet

Monday night I got to go the Chamber of Commerce Banquet in Dierks.I really enjoyed it.I laughed harder than I have in a long time.Mr.Eudy that did the entertainment was hilarious.It is always good to see people recognized for their contributions to their community.
The Dierks Chamber always puts on a good show at the Pine Tree Festival.This year looks to be as good as everyone has come to expect.A show as big as the festival is almost a year around effort and they already have begun planning for 2008.
Dierks Chamber you do a good job.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kick off report

We had our campaign kickoff and fundraiser saturday night.We had a good night and it was a success.I want to say thank you to everyone who came,and to the folks who did the calling.I really want to say thank you to my family who worked very,very hard in preparation and during the event.My family has been and continues to be most supportive and I thank God for them.
I hope to have some pictures of the kickoff posted soon.
It is really humbling to have people have enough faith in you to work and help in your campaign.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

county preparedness

The tornadoes that roared through the state earlier this week showed us once again the need to be prepared.There were 55 people killed in the storms across the southern states.
What can we do to be prepared for this type of storm? The first reccomendation that I make when I am asked this question is always buy a weather radio. These radios are silent until the National Weather Service issues an alert then a tone sounds and the alert is heard.They come as simple or as elaborate as you like they can flash a lamp or sound a remote alarm.They range in price from 25$ to over 100$.
The second thing we can do is to educate our selves about these storms.The national Weather Service web page is a great source of information.
Consider a safe room. An interior closet can be converted to a safe room.
Be prepared to be without electricity for a few days.This means ready to eat food,flashlights,and in the winter an alternate source of heat.
Do a web search on preparedness and follow through on some of the advice you find.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

visits in the county

I am enjoying getting around the county visiting with people and going to community events.One new event for me was the "wild game supper"sponsored by Central Baptist Church at Mineral Springs.The food was great and Mark Davis a proffesional Bass Fisherman from Mt.Ida spoke.I even tried the barb-b-que beaver.
Last Saturday I went to the Center Point chili supper.I've been going to Center Point benefits for years and they allways have good food.The community center at the Point is really nice,the people there have every right to be proud.I remember meetings at the old fire dept.building and how everything had to be crowded in.Now they have a nice new building with plenty of room.
Monday I went to the North Howard community council meeting.They put me to work helping get fire dues letters out.The dirt work has begun for thier new fire station.The dept.has grown and they are stacking trucks in their station.I know they are anxious about a new building.
Tuesday I went to the Howard county Search and Rescue team meeting at HMH.I confess that lately I've not been making the team meetings but it was good to get back to them.The team is going to be working on some training and recruitment efforts.
The severe weather that roared thru Arkansas on tuesday is a reminder of how much we depend on our emergency services. I am proud to speak up for the fire depts and the HCSAR team when ever I can

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The other side

Working as an EMT, I see one side of patient care. I recently got to see the other side of it. Last Friday a virus and I collided and the virus won. I tried to tough it out but by Sunday afternoon I had rigors and was in the ER at Howard Memorial. This is tougher than you think because working with the ER staff every day, you know they are going to have a lot of sugestions for you, these suggestions generaly include a lot of pain. I was really hoping the Ambulance wouldn't come in while I was there because I knew they would have a lot of remedies. Unfortunateley the ambulance did come in, and they did have a lot of suggestions and each suggestion involved a lot of discomfort for me.
Fotunately for me the doctors didn't listen to any of thier suggestions. That won't stop me from offering my ideas when I find them in the ER.Thats what friends are for.
The down side of this was that I was not able to attend the Chamber Banquet last Monday.In fact I wasn't able to do much of anything until Thursday.I understand the banquet was a tremendous success and That chamber manager Tammie Smith did an excellent job.My congratulations to her and to all the winners.
I plan on being at the Center Point chili supper tonite and hope to see you there.
Remember Campaign Kick off and fund raiser Febuary 9 at the Howard county Fair Barn at 6:00 pm.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why do I want to be county Judge?

The weather service is calling for possible sleet and freezing rain tonight and Friday morning so please be careful driving.

I am asked almost every day "why do you want to be county judge?" That is a fair and relevant question, and here is my answer.

I would like to be county judge to serve the people of Howard county. One of the nicest compliments I ever received was from a lady that I had the opportunity to help as an EMT and then later in another capacity,at the second meeting she said "first as an EMT and now this, you are always serving". I feel that we all have a duty to help our communities and I do my best by being a servant.

I have always believed that the best way to lead is to serve. In all of my jobs in public safety I have tried to be a servant of the public. As I served in these jobs I began to see ways for local government to work for the betterment of all of Howard County. I want to help improve roads,communications ,emergency services,and county government services for everyone in the county.

My promise to each and everyone of you is that I will listen to your concerns. I will be courteous in my dealings with you. I will, as I have proven in the past, put the public welfare above my own.

I am convinced Howard county can have a bright and prosperous future.

I want to be county judge to serve the people of this county.

Remember the campaign kickoff at the Howard county fair barn on February 9th beginning at 6:00 pm.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My newest Class

This is most of my First Responder class from Ben Lomond.We had students from:lockesburg, Wilton, Ben Lomond,Horatio, and Mineral Springs Fire Departments.

I am really proud of this class they have done really well.I know that they will serve their communities well .

Friday, January 18, 2008

Vote Vote Vote

Every privilege carries a responsibility.If you drive a car that is a privilege the responsibility is to drive so that you don't hurt yourself or someone else.The privilege of living in the greatest country on earth carries responsibilities also.
I met two very different people recently one told me they didn't vote, they had no interest in voting were not going to vote and really just were "not interested".The second person was a retiree to this area and he mentioned how that he was a captain in his neighborhood watch program and tried to support the local fire department and wanted to be involved in his community and was planning on voting.
The first person wanted all the privileges of this country but none of the responsibilities.The second person realized that he not only had privileges but he had responsibilities.
One of the greatest responsibilities we have as citizens of this tremendous country is to vote.This is part of our input to how the country is run and what our future will be.
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Remember campaign Kickoff and Fundraiser February 9 Howard county Fairground 5:00 PM

Monday, January 14, 2008

Volunteers Helping Howard county

There are more than volunteer fire departments that give of their time to help make Howard county the best place on earth to live. I know I'll leave some out but I don't mean to so here is my list of people that give to all of us.
Sheriffs reserve,literacy council,Christian clinic,Hospital Auxiliary,Search and Rescue team,Skywarn,the people that put the PineTree festival and Standup together,4H leaders, and many more
These are just a few of the many many people that volunteer their time, effort,and money to help our county.
I honestly do believe that Howard County is a wonderful place. I think we have a positive future.
We have a lot to offer:recreation,good schools,industry,agriculture,forestry,and beautiful scenery.If you haven't noticed by now I am big on Howard county, and I am big on volunteers

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Let's talk about the fire departments in Howard county.Staring from the top of the county they are Athens,Umpire,Dierks,Center Point,County Line,Nashville,Mineral Springs,Cottonshed, Tollette,and Saratoga.The best estimate that I can come up with is that these departments make approximately 300 calls a year.I came up with this based on the number of runs that we did at Mineral Springs ,in 2007, some departments do more and some less.If each call averages two hours that's 600 hours a year that are given by these volunteers!
For every call made there are numerous hours spent in training ,preparation ,and maintenance.
The services offered by the departments include: fire suppression,extrication,medical first responder,water rescue,fire safety education,fire inspections and hazardous materials decontamination.While we don't often get cats out of trees we have been known to haul water to poultry houses when wells have failed.directed traffic at accident scenes,and covered roofs damaged in storms.
Howard county fire departments are funded in a variety of ways.Some departments have barbecues ,cake walks,and auctions for fund raisers.Some are funded by their municipalities.Some charge dues,some don't.All of the departments receive act 833 funding .This is a 1/2 of 1 percent tax on property insurance,so for every 10 dollars you pay in insurance premiums the fire departments get 5 cents.
Beginning in 2008 in order to receive act 833 each member of a department is required to have 24 hours of training per year.To be a firefighter approximately 28 hours of training is required.This brings a person to the introductory level and more training is encouraged.Most departments meet or drill twice a month.One thing that is unique to the Howard county fire depatments is that the fire service radio system is owned by the departments themelves.
Hopefully I've given you a brief overview of the fire service in Howard county.
To the men and women of our fire departments I say thank you.You make Howard county a better place.
I am planning a campaign kickoff on Febuary 9 at the Howard county fair barn at 6:00 p.m. I'll have more about this later.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Having fun

Blogging is a completely new experience for me.but we will work through it.I am having fun campaigning for Howard county Judge,meeting new people,hearing concerns and dreams of the people of the county are enjoyable. Something that continues to impress me is the positive outlook and common sense of the people here.
I am trying to meet as many people as I can from all over the county, it is a long way from Saratoga to Athens. I am continuing to work at the ambulance service and we work seven twentyfour hour shifts in a two week period so covering the county will take some time.
If you want to ask a question or just visit give me a call or e-mail.