Monday, January 14, 2008

Volunteers Helping Howard county

There are more than volunteer fire departments that give of their time to help make Howard county the best place on earth to live. I know I'll leave some out but I don't mean to so here is my list of people that give to all of us.
Sheriffs reserve,literacy council,Christian clinic,Hospital Auxiliary,Search and Rescue team,Skywarn,the people that put the PineTree festival and Standup together,4H leaders, and many more
These are just a few of the many many people that volunteer their time, effort,and money to help our county.
I honestly do believe that Howard County is a wonderful place. I think we have a positive future.
We have a lot to offer:recreation,good schools,industry,agriculture,forestry,and beautiful scenery.If you haven't noticed by now I am big on Howard county, and I am big on volunteers

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Holli said...

Daddy! I enjoy reading your blogg. It makes me homesick though. I love you.