Friday, January 18, 2008

Vote Vote Vote

Every privilege carries a responsibility.If you drive a car that is a privilege the responsibility is to drive so that you don't hurt yourself or someone else.The privilege of living in the greatest country on earth carries responsibilities also.
I met two very different people recently one told me they didn't vote, they had no interest in voting were not going to vote and really just were "not interested".The second person was a retiree to this area and he mentioned how that he was a captain in his neighborhood watch program and tried to support the local fire department and wanted to be involved in his community and was planning on voting.
The first person wanted all the privileges of this country but none of the responsibilities.The second person realized that he not only had privileges but he had responsibilities.
One of the greatest responsibilities we have as citizens of this tremendous country is to vote.This is part of our input to how the country is run and what our future will be.
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Remember campaign Kickoff and Fundraiser February 9 Howard county Fairground 5:00 PM

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