Thursday, February 7, 2008

county preparedness

The tornadoes that roared through the state earlier this week showed us once again the need to be prepared.There were 55 people killed in the storms across the southern states.
What can we do to be prepared for this type of storm? The first reccomendation that I make when I am asked this question is always buy a weather radio. These radios are silent until the National Weather Service issues an alert then a tone sounds and the alert is heard.They come as simple or as elaborate as you like they can flash a lamp or sound a remote alarm.They range in price from 25$ to over 100$.
The second thing we can do is to educate our selves about these storms.The national Weather Service web page is a great source of information.
Consider a safe room. An interior closet can be converted to a safe room.
Be prepared to be without electricity for a few days.This means ready to eat food,flashlights,and in the winter an alternate source of heat.
Do a web search on preparedness and follow through on some of the advice you find.

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