Wednesday, February 6, 2008

visits in the county

I am enjoying getting around the county visiting with people and going to community events.One new event for me was the "wild game supper"sponsored by Central Baptist Church at Mineral Springs.The food was great and Mark Davis a proffesional Bass Fisherman from Mt.Ida spoke.I even tried the barb-b-que beaver.
Last Saturday I went to the Center Point chili supper.I've been going to Center Point benefits for years and they allways have good food.The community center at the Point is really nice,the people there have every right to be proud.I remember meetings at the old fire dept.building and how everything had to be crowded in.Now they have a nice new building with plenty of room.
Monday I went to the North Howard community council meeting.They put me to work helping get fire dues letters out.The dirt work has begun for thier new fire station.The dept.has grown and they are stacking trucks in their station.I know they are anxious about a new building.
Tuesday I went to the Howard county Search and Rescue team meeting at HMH.I confess that lately I've not been making the team meetings but it was good to get back to them.The team is going to be working on some training and recruitment efforts.
The severe weather that roared thru Arkansas on tuesday is a reminder of how much we depend on our emergency services. I am proud to speak up for the fire depts and the HCSAR team when ever I can

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