Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Howard county Campaign trail

I have always tried to go to benefits especialy for fire departments.I always enjoy them and the people there.
I can't remember how many events Sharon and I have been to this year.I got to speak to the senior adults at the Howard county Senior citizens center,and this was really enjoyable because many people there knew my grandparents and my parents.I've been to the Howard county Cattlemans association twice and these people are the foundation of our country,because a nation is only as strong as its food supply.
The Democratic party of Howard county sponsored a fish fry.All the local candidates spoke and we had plenty of fish,I've never eaten all the fish I wanted but I have eaten all I could hold and I did that night.
Last Saturday We went to Center Point for the fire Department Benefit.As usual the food was excellent , the entertainment great and I understand the benefit was very successful.
The county line Fire Department was a great success.
This weekend is the peach festival at Nashville and there will be something for everyone.I am planning on having a booth there so stop by and say hi.
Saturday night I will be at the Athens/Umpire Fire Department benefit.Please come out and support these groups.
Many of you know my lab,Chas,well Chas is missing so Sharon and I are driving around looking for him.If you don't know Chas he is a large,100lbs,yellow lab with a brown leather collar.If you see him please give me a call.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The greatest county in Arkansas

I have been to so many events in the past few weeks,at everyone of them I've been impressed by the depth of feeling people have for this county.You see it in fire departments and civic clubs and churches and places of business.
Three places that really made me notice this were at the North Howard Community Council Meeting.After years and years of meetings and hard work it seems that rural water in North Howard is on the way.These people believe in Howard county and have worked to improve the quality of life for others.
The Community Health Fair held at the Nashville city park was another demonstration of people believing in the county.There were volunteer groups there that are involved in the public health field.These people gave up their Saturday to help others.
I got to do an in service for Howard county Children Center Employees.I really enjoy doing preparedness training but these people made it special.They are concerned about their clients and it shows.HCCC employees have helped and continue to help many citizens of Howard County.
By the way congratulations HCCC on breaking ground for building 10.the Liz Bell Adult Education Building.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I am big believer in the second amendment.One of the major groups that protects our right To keep and bear arms is the National Rifle Association.I have been privileged to attend every friends of NRA banquet in Howard county.The proceeds from this banquet stay in Arkansas to further young shooters education and young peoples shooting sports.We are fortunate that in Howard County we have a good range and several good leaders in the 4H shooting sports program.
For the past couple of years I have had the chance to help with the banquet,this year due to campaigning I didn't get to help as much as I would have liked.Ronnie Furr worked hard and we had a good banquet and auction.I really enjoy the banquet it is one of the friendliest events that I go to.Everyone is friendly and the whole nite is family friendly.I think Sharon and Holli enjoy it as much as I do.
People always ask me about hunting , I don't really hunt but I do enjoy shooting and try to shoot at least once a week.Mostly I shoot pistols but lately I've been playing with a rifle or two.
Remember register to vote and vote for Budd!