Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The greatest county in Arkansas

I have been to so many events in the past few weeks,at everyone of them I've been impressed by the depth of feeling people have for this county.You see it in fire departments and civic clubs and churches and places of business.
Three places that really made me notice this were at the North Howard Community Council Meeting.After years and years of meetings and hard work it seems that rural water in North Howard is on the way.These people believe in Howard county and have worked to improve the quality of life for others.
The Community Health Fair held at the Nashville city park was another demonstration of people believing in the county.There were volunteer groups there that are involved in the public health field.These people gave up their Saturday to help others.
I got to do an in service for Howard county Children Center Employees.I really enjoy doing preparedness training but these people made it special.They are concerned about their clients and it shows.HCCC employees have helped and continue to help many citizens of Howard County.
By the way congratulations HCCC on breaking ground for building 10.the Liz Bell Adult Education Building.

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