Monday, May 5, 2008

Parson road tornado

According to the National Weather service At 9:03am last Friday a F1 tornado struck on Parsons road in north Howard county.The tornado lasted 5 minutes with a path 4 miles long and 50 yards wide.I responded to check for injuries and do damage assessment.I didn't do any politicking as I felt this wasn't the time or the place.I've included some pictures I took of the damage.A special thank you to Kirby and Kirby and Lawrence Land and Timber for the efforts in opening the road.

I ate lunch at the Umpire store and need to warn everyone if you are there at lunch you better have thick skin.

Saturday was the peach festival in Nashville and it was quite a success.Sharon and Holli helped me pass out fliers and cards.We also had my laptop with our web page going.I took a lot of pictures but am not able to down load them tonight.

After the festival we went to the Umpire /Athens fire department fishfry.Again pictures but not able to down load.

These two fire depts.are special to me,I taught their first responder course and developed some very special friends there.Their fishfry is more like an old fashioned community homecoming,the people are always friendly and conversation is good.