Friday, July 4, 2008


It is the 4th of July as I post this.On this day I think of all the blessings which God has bestowed upon this country.We have more freedom than any country in the world.We are the richest country with the highest living standard.

I just read the declaration of independence,And I thank God for the men who signed it and pledged their lives,fortunes and sacred honor to this new ,unproven country.

In recent weeks the supreme court has ruled that we as a free people have a right to own weapons to protect our lives and property.I am thankful for this ruling,but ashamed that we have drifted so far from what the founding Fathers intended that we must go to court for approval that the founders of this country assumed was a natural right.

As I read the Declaration Of Independence it occurred to me that the signers referenced their belief in God.This nation was founded to be a nation that was to be a nation that would seek Gods direction in all of her courses of action.Notice that the Bill of Rights was written to keep politics out of religion ,not religions out of politics.No where in the constitution is there mentioned the separation of church and state.

On a personal note in the photograph above you see probably the two smartest,cutest,strongest twins in the world.They are Luke and Jacob McBride,grandsons of Sharon and Budd Dunson,nephews of Holli.Parents are John and Sarah McBride,Sarah is our oldest daughter.We thank God for their safe arrival,and we dedicate them to God for his service,and pray His blessings on them.

Have a safe and happy fourth.

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