Sunday, September 28, 2008

WAOB part 4

When we last visited with Budd we saw him at forward operating base hilton in Layfayette La.Here we saw Budd deveoping lobby based EMS and trying to teach the cajuns the Budd Model of Incident command.Budd being the dutiful public servant has been trying to learn somethings to.He has learned about the cajun model of EMS.This model dictates running lights and siren while trying to find where you are supposed to go.In this model you run the ambulances between towns in convoys at 45 mph.Why you ask.This is done so that when 1 ambulance gets lost they are all lost , it is also valuable when stopping for fuel much more time can be lost.Budd has also learned about meetings.Meetings are very important in ICS.They are used to set the time for other meetings.A common rookie mistake here is to use the meeting to convey information.At all times when having a meeting and information is asked for the answer should be "We dont know and when we do know we will have a meeting to tell you"Remember that at every meeting you must decide to have another meeting , so using this method you can soon wear people out by just going to meetings. Budd has also learned about logistics.Many people wrongly believe that the purpose of this branch is to supply the equipment that is needed to accomplish the given task , this is wrong.The purpose of logistics is to avoid detection and to supply places to have meetings.A good logistics head can hide from every one, in fact if they are really good they don't even have to leave home.If an IC points out we will need fuel the proffesional logistics leader can reply,from his easy chair at home,tell them to go to a gas station.NO SWEAT.If there is a question about communications supply the following:_________________ .Another tip for the logistics chief : do not under any circumstances supply maps to out of state crews.This has a twofold purpose it aids in transport and response times and it requires the IC to recognize you , he must keep calling for fuel for lost ambulances.This reminds people that it is really you that is in charge. Budd has noticed that air transportation has really influenced EMS not with helicopter patient transports but with the "holding pattern".If you don't know what to do with a group of ambulances use this technique.Just keep giving nonsensecal directions, keep them moving.If you can do this for 2 hours you can then direct them into a circular pattern around the city where the stading area is. Next we will review staging this is where rescources are kept until assignment and human assests can be tortured.

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