Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Another semi serious topic.I was recently told that I am trying to have too good a fire department.Budd is quite sure that this was not meant as a compliment.The person saying this didn't really elaborate just "too good a fire department".
Budd freely admits he probably is.I want too have too good a fire department to have any one of my firefighters get hurt.I want too good a department to lose any life we could have saved.I want to have too good a dept.to keep any citizen from losing there home or property that we could have saved.I want to have too good a dept. for my current ISO rating , I want it lowered and maybe we can save some money for the citizens.
The same person also said to Budd "training and all".Budd being as obtuse as he is did not understand the inflection.However Budd does believe in training that's why he encourages it and offers so much to a small department.Budd's thought process is that the more well trained the dept.is the less chance of some one being hurt and the better job the dept.can and will do.
My dept.is paid on call 10.00$ for a drill and for a fire.This is much appreciated.Two of Budds firefighters recently discussed this and after much math of the higher sort , they discovered they had earned this year 26 cents an hour.The thing that shows the heart of these guys is that they were not griping about it they were laughing at it.They would be doing the same thing if they only made half that , really they would be doing it for nothing.
While Budd appreciates their math ability there were a few factors left out in their formula . They failed to include the clothes they ruined at scenes , they also failed to include the gas they spent going to calls and training , for dome reason they didn't include the times they stopped by the station to do some job that needed to be done.
Budd has certain rules of command like asking for other peoples opinions and listening to people.He has recently added another one - when a person speaks ill of a volunteer look to see if that person volunteers , chances are they don't . It takes a special person to willingly give their time and efforts to help people they don't know.
Budd hopes he does want to have too good a fire dept.someday they might even learn to park the command vehicle across the railroad track.

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