Monday, December 28, 2009

CHRISTmas day outage

Some time ,somewhere before noon on Christmas day there was a problem with a fiber optic cable.This problem wiped out Internet for everyone with out satellite Internet.Long distance phone service went down as well as some local coverage and cell phones.
I was bothered by the lack of preparedness by several groups charged with public safety. Apparently the phones at Howard Memorial Hospital are Internet based,I was able to explain to a nurse via radio where the emergency phone was.She had never been told what this phone was or how it was to be used.Unfortunately this phone also had problems in that it could only be used to make out going calls.
My father was admitted to the ER a ct was done but it was not able to be sent out to be read until that night.
There was no information going out to the public about the situation.It was not a major problem but it could have cost lives. All public safety groups need to come together at a round table to discuss and plan for events like this.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

common sense EMS

There is a need for EMS in the more remote-read outside of Nashville-parts of the county. It is a hard 30 minute lights and siren run to Athens.People have proposed all kinds of solutions,some workable some not. The smallest amount I've seen published that anyone can put an ambulance in Dierks for is 11,000$ a month.
There is a solution all ready in place that for 15,000$ a year could save lives but no one has seen fit to utilize it. There are medical first responders all over Howard county.They are not supported by any tax money, they raise their own funds and buy their own equipment.
What would it take to use the first responders to the maximum benefit for the people of Howard County? I think the following will have to happen before the first responder program can reach its full potential.
1- recognition by the Quorum court as a legitimate part of EMS system
2- Director for the program must be hired this is a part time , probably around 10-15 hours a week.
3- Standardization of equipment, training and run reports over the county.
4- Development of county wide protocols
5- A medical director must be in place.
6- The following must be educated as to the capabilities,limits,and requirements of the first responders:law enforcement,dispatchers,Howard Memorial Hospital,EMS agencies and the public
If this is done the people of the county can have quicker,professional medical help, and it can be done for a very small cost.
Call me ,email me let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do the politicians even care?

I am offended by Nancy Pelosi saying I am unamerican because I don't agree with her.It seems pretty obvious to me that the majority of the American people don't want the government in health care. Poll numbers now are 53% opposed.
I see elected officials going to the town hall meetings and they seem to be ignoring the comments that are being made. They prefer to explain their own views.
If i remember my civics and American History classes correctly that is not the way it is supposed to work. I think the elected officials are supposed to represent the people and what they want. We see the politicians interpreting the constitution and telling us what they want to do.Forget this go back to representing the people.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zebras on the highway.

I am teaching a first responder class. I enjoy teaching because I always learn so much in every class. When you are teaching to fire fighters they always want to do something rather than listen to a lecture and this is good. Sometimes that want to do will get you in a bind. Tonight I tried to emphasize that every call is different and every call has a surprise in store for you.
Any one who has been around for more than 3 or 4 calls knows this. They know to sit back and watch for those surprises before they start doing. But we all sometimes forget it.
Before you start doing at the next call look around for surprises. It will certainly help you to live longer.
I believe I said something like at a scene it would not surprise me to see a herd of zebras coming down the highway.
I promise there will be more info on NIMS and Zombie Nurses.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Defending your self from Zombie Nurses

Budd has received thousands and thousands of phone calls , emails ,letters , telegrams , smoke signals , coded and scrambled communications from all over the world regarding his exposure of the zombie infiltrations of this countrys' ER departments. I t is possible this problem is even more serious and wide spread than was previously thought. Reports have come in from as far away as Mineral Springs Methodist Memorial , Midway Mennonite Memeorial , And Umpire Unititarian Univerity , and Bingen Baptist Research Hospital and appliance repair of zombie activity.

Many people are questioning why the Center for Disease Control is silent on this subject . Who works at the CDC ? nurses and who are the zombies ? thats right Nurses.

Here at Budd command we have been asked " How might I spot a zombie in my ER"? Even thought this question is similar to asking why are tigers cats , Budd command will give you a check list to go by . If you pull into the ER and you wonder is there a zombie inside do the following ; pull out you EMS field guide (this is similar to a solier readying his weapon for combat , you may not need it but better safe than sorry) and second ask your self the folllowing questions:

1- Is the suspected zombie frequently seen in or near a hospital?

2-Is the suspect wearing tennis shoes?

3- Is the suspect wearing scruba and or a lab jacket?

4-Does the suspicious character have an assortment of pens and pencils in thier pockets?

5-Do they have a cell phone? ( be careful Budd was once attacked by a zombie with a brick wrapped in a cell phone cover , see zombies part one)

6-Does the suspected zombie roll their eyes when you bring a seriously injured or gravely ill patient into the ER?

7-Does the nurse/zombie ask a lot of personal questions of the patient? Many zombie experts believe this is a ploy to lern more about potential victims.However still others believe this is merely part of the z/n (zombie nurse) inate desire to torture.

8-Does the Z/N immediately began taking the patients clothing?This is either a desire to establish dominance or Z/Ns have really full closets in their zombie cave.

9- Does the Z/N ask questions about things they enjoy ie any street drug? alcohol? how much? frequently z/ns are heard to say "that aint much I had more than that before I came to work" Have you been in a fight?(z/ns like nothing better than to attack un suspecting innocent EMTs_

10-Does the Z/N ask where do you hurt and immediately begin to probe and prod that area?

If you follow the above guide lines you should be able to identify any Z/Ns you encounter . Understand that these are only Guidelines . For instance some Z/Ns that are supervisory Z/Ns do not wear tennis shoes they were shoes that make loud clicking noises as they walk.

As the goverment ramps up to meet this new threat Budd command has been asked to Speer head this action . This was done for several reasons , one Budd is the only known person to survive a Z/n attack and second because of our fearlessnes in exposing this epidemic.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Attack of the Zombie Nurses

Once up on a time Budd was accused by a nurse of stealing her patient as well as her cell phone cover.This story was maiciously spread by rumor mongers(this is a speciality nursing area,rumor mongering)In order to protect his good name Budd tells the true story of what happened that fateful night.

It was a dark and stormy night Budds phone rings,He strains to hear the whispered voice:"Budd you have to come and rescue me,these so called nurses slapped me into this bed,chained me down and took my clothes.Budd being the person he is tries to see the good in everyone,even nurses said"I am sure they will be right back with you,they are probably overwhelmed by critical patients"."As soon as possible they will be back in there to comfort and treat you"
"No Budd you must save me"all they are doing is talking on the phone" To this Budd replied they are consulting with other highly trained medical profesionals about your case.
A whispered "NO!"was my answer,"they are talking to each other"PLEASE PLEASE RESCUE ME"
Later as Budd innocently approaches the ER he is still looking for the good in everyone.
Budd pleasantly walks in smiles and very nicely says to the nurses Hello how are you?
Suddenly fangs and claws appear and Budd is being attacked he fights for his life,he can't just fight his way to freedom he must save the patient.

Over and Over as the claws rake his eyes he hears zombie like voices repeating "nurse talk on phone must kill he who disturbs"
Overwhelehemed by sheer numbers and the ferocity of the attack Budd frees one arm and reaches for his EMS FIELD GUIDE as soon as it is brought out the Zombie nurses fall back in horror and awe,this is the magical book that talks about forbidden topics, things like patient care , Budd rushes down the hall and scoops up the patient and runs for the safety of the ambootaxi.Behind him Budd hears a howl of animal fury and a cell phone hits budd as he shields the patient with his body.The force of the impact not only did tremendous damage to Budds body but seperated the cell phone from its cover.Budd grabbed the cover and used it to stop his arterial bleeding from the injury,all the while rendering excellent patient care.
And that is how The cell phone case wound up in my possesion

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The people I spend my weekends with

I had this idea that I would blog about the people that I work with on the long weekend shift. The words just won't come, I have to struggle for them and when that happens its not enjoyable reading or writing. The purpose of this blog is was to be relaxing for me and maybe to poke a little fun at the Public Safety community. Lets try the weekend family that I live and work with for 72 hours at a time.

There are 4 of us at the amboolance/taxi service at any one time, 2 medics, 2 EMTs. We do literally live together for 72 hours every other weekend. We literally do live to together for 168 hours every 2 weeks, in fact.

There are 2-3 nurses at a time in the ER, 1 or 2 receptionist, a couple of lab techs, an x-ray person and a doctor.These are extended family.

The nurses are kinda wimpy because they only work 12 hour shifts. Nurses are some of the toughest, smartest,kindest,most professional people there are. There is no way I could or would even attempt their job. They have to be gentle and earn the trust of babies , yet be tough enough to wrestle with drunks and dopers. I have seen them cry over patients and cuss patients. I've watched them comfort grieving family members and patiently deal with those suffering emotional problems.

I have never figured out the hours the lab techs work. I am not sure they have a schedule, I think they communicate telepathically and have the ability to travel through time , space and walls. They just show up. They play with all sorts of neat machines that no one else knows about, then they come out with lots of numbers to confuse every one. However they do it, it works,they find hidden problems and save lives. They are kinda like the outlaws in being given their directions in "blazing Saddles";"go and do the voodoo you do so well".

The receptionist only has to have one quality and that is a never ending supply of patience. They must deal with people who they know are not telling the truth, those who are telling the truth but wish they weren't and those who are just plain rude and arrogant. Yet they some how do it. Without harming anyone. I think they work normal human hours of 8 hour shifts.

The x-ray people work some weird shift that is determined by the phase of the moon and growth rings of trees from some Transylvania. They manage to get pictures of fractures and bad things that normal people can't see. They thus save lives. How they manage to get the drunk, who has wrapped his car around a tree and wants to fight, to get in the right position for these pictures is beyond me. they do it while smiling at the patient of course they might be mentally cussing him but they to are professionals.

The doctors why would any one who could have a practice in the daytime ever want to work 24 hour ER shifts? These folks have to be extremely sharp and have a really vast medical knowledge and skill sets. Probably the most important skill is that to interpret ramblese and drunkese, These are the language so many people answer the docs' question in. An example would be something like this; Doc "where do you hurt?" patient " right now?" Dr "yes, right now" patient "well it is hard to say" Dr."why is it hard to say?" patient "well it is really not me leg but it feels like it is' "It is kinda like my cousin Earls pain that he had that time, you know what I mean /"

I am sure that it hurts doctors to lose patients even if they only meet them in the last moments of life. However they don't have time or permission from society to grieve. I don't see how they keep going.

Another part of the family is the police. I have no idea the hours these folks work. I just know they are always there. I don't know how many work at any one time. If I were to guess I'd say 4 in Nashville and 1 each in Mineral Springs and Dierks. There is maybe 3 deputies on at a time and most of the time there is trooper lurking some where. I know from real world experience I can't do their job. I don't have the self discipline to keep my mouth shut when some bottom feeder threatens my family. I don't have the smarts to think two steps ahead of the person who is making up lies as he goes.

They have helped with unruly patients,forced open doors to access patients, they have dispersed hostile crowds. In other words they have pulled us out of the fire time and time again. Thanks so much.

Another part of the family that is kinda like the prodigal son is the volunteer firefighter/first responder. We don't see them that often but when we call they come. At 3:00 AM you would expect most people to be in bed, but I think some of these people sleep in the fire truck. You call a fire department for help and you get it. If it is lift help for a large patient up 3 flights of stairs or a person trapped in a smashed vehicle they will come and do their job. and they do it well.

I have seen them cussed and griped at but I know first responders save lives. People deride them about being volunteers but they are professionals who don't get paid. They are maybe the most elite of us all they do their job for the community asking only equipment to work with and a little respect.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WAOB Weather Radio info

I've promised several people that I would put together information about weather radios.So here that information is.
You should own a weather radio because you pay for the broadcast. The National Ocean and Atmospheric administration (NOAA) is the parent organization for the National Weather service (NWS). NOAA operates weather radio stations all over the U.S. These stations provide warnings of severe weather ,and many other emergencies.
The stations broadcast in the VHF hi-band.This means you need a special receiver to hear them ,your normal household AM/FM radio won't work. However scanners will receive them . There are 7 frequencies for the stations beginning at 162.400 MHZ and ending at 162.550, there are 3 other frequencies used internationally.
With out going into a lot of technical stuff I don't understand each station tries to cover a 50 mile radius around its transmitter sight. The signal from these stations is what is called a line of sight frequency ,this means that in theory you have to be able to see the tower to hear the signal. Of course you can hear them without actually seeing the tower, but if you draw a straight line from the top of the tower to your radio and the curvature of the earth intrudes on the line,or a mountain is between you and the tower you are not going to hear it well. There are various cures for this and none are really expensive.
I am going to list several web sight that have good information and then give my personal preferences. This is an essential site it gives info for the ArkLaTex. This sight gives you all the info on weather radios much better than I can. This is a builder of weather radios. I have never used one of their radios but they have some interesting features. This is THE place for top of the line am/fm radios.They are a very reputable dealer if they sell it, it is good. Radio shack is not quite the retailer they once were but check out the web page.Search weather radio. They sell others beside the Radio Shack brand. what can I say their name says it all.

What I prefer in a weather radio:
1- must have S.A.M.E.
2-Selectable alerts You get to choose what type of Alert sets the radio off.
3-Selectable alarms You get to choose how the radio wakes you up
4-battery backup
5- external antennae jack or plug
6-jack or plug to set off an external alarm or signal.
7-External speaker is nice but not absolutely essential.

I have had extremely good service out of the radio shack brand and I like the auto shutoff feature.

More weather info the NOAA warnings and watches for Howard county are repeated on the 444.350 mhz N5BAB ham radio repeater.

During severe weather you can listen live to the Howard county fire radio system on154.400.

Skywarn can sometimes be heard on the following frequencies 147.045 and/or 147.55.

If you have questions leave them in the comment section and I will try to find an answer.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The swine-avian-water buffalo-salamander flu

Lets all take a breath, calm down and look at the numbers. 67 deaths in Mexico, as

as I can find that is it. None in America, none any where else. I've read conflicting

numbers for people testing positive in the U.S. The number has varied from 6 to 20.

The World Health organisation is reporting 20 lab confirmed cases in the U.S.

According to their web page W.H.O. the U.S. cases have all reported "mild,flue like

symptoms, with only one requiring brief hospitalization.

The population of the U.S. is around 304 million people. Do the math. You probably

don't have the swine flue.Use common sense : cover your mouth when you cough,wash

your hands frequently, avoid contact with people who are sick.

People like me might even say that some government agencies hype things like this

to make sure they keep a huge budget

Friday, April 24, 2009

More adventures in NIMS land

Things I have heard lately in NIMS land. NIMS land is the courses the feds tell you that you must have to continue doing what you do.

Unified command that's where you all have a representative making the decisions.The next day the same instructor gives the scenario of an mva, with police,fire and EMS responding.Then says the volunteer fire department will probably not park where the police want them to.HUH?
Park the big red truck so that drunks have to run through it to hit you. A destroyed big red truck is better than an injured firefighter.

Asking about any stimulus money for fire departments I actually heard a state employee say there are loans out there.If we could pay a loan back we would go get one and I wouldn't be asking about grants.

Not overheard but I did read it.Stimulus money in Arkansas called public safety and going to law enforcement and abuse centers.That's fine and good but what about volunteer fire departments.

I actually had another state employee tell me there is a program that does grants for fire departments.Yes ma'am we have applied for it numerous times, what are we doing to help volunteer fire departments? Well I don't know she said.

Do the people in Little Rock know that there is a rural Arkansas?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free to GOOD Home

I don't have a selfish bone in my body. I apparently don't care about getting rich. The spring weather has led to yard work which led to discovery of the fire ant attack.
Someone else will figure a way to sell these little suckers and get filthy rich. I've tried to sell them on facebook and door to door with no success.
I am now offering free to a good home purebred, suitable for breeding purposes, very prolific, quality mound building fire ants.
They make great gifts for Yankees.Do not feel greedy if you want all of them I am anxious to share

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Uncontrolled Chaos

The weather service has determined that the tornado that occurred in Sevier and
Howard counties was an F3.Top wind speeds are estimated to have been 140 MPH.
A few lessons were learned in this. Our local people need more training in ICS. Our
response in Howard County was a little frazzled. We didn't maintain very good radio
discipline and tactical comms were done on the repeater. These are minor things but
need to improve them to reduce the chance of missed comms that are urgent.
I am afraid that all the NIMS stuff has been theoretical and local people have not
seen the true application of it. There is also a disconnect in agencies in the
acceptance of ICS.
Unified Command is still theory to some people.
AWIN overloaded very quickly. Each region needs a plan to monitor a regional channel
as well as their own dispatch. Some of us are doing this but we need to formalize the
Speaking of AWIN I am still not sure how there wound up being specific law enforcement channels and none for fire and EMS.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Storm Season

It is spring in Arkansas that means the possibility of severe weather. This point was brought home thursday evening.The city of Mena hit by a tornado , the damage at Dierks and Center Point.
Please get a weather radio it can be a life saver. Think of it as insurance you hope you will never need it but you have it just incase

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New ISO rating

Mineral Springs Fire and Rescue has received its new ISO rating.We are now a class 5 in the city and a 8b in our rural coverage area.

I want to say thanks to the fire department members, and especially to former chiefs Randy Phillipps and Chris Hostetler.Also Carol O'Donnell and Franki Darr for their help in keeping me legal and within budget.

By having a lower ISO insurance rates will go down.It is my hope that the community will realize the benefits and support the department.

I hope the citizens out side the city limits will understand they are benefiting from the department and pay the yearly dues.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My reply to AESN

Before You read any further know that Bob Edwards the man behind AESN is a close friend of mine.He is a gentleman and very knowledgeable of the fire service.He and I may disagree but it is only when I am right.The following is my reply to comments on AESN.If you are not on the AESN mailing list,get on it.It is the best source of info for emergency services in the state of Arkansas.
Regarding the training issues You and Captain Fred have commented on,I would like to make a comment of my own.I do not know of anyone who wants to have less training.I do know of some who want more flexibility in training,Let me give an illustration,one of the best young guys on our department works as a millwright and is subject to call as well as his regular shift work.This past year he attended 2 separate 16 hour classes,however because of work he was not able to attend the final night of each class.Therefore he had no documented training.Now this same young man and I have spent quite a bit of time in going over pump ops,fire flows,apparatus ops,I guess you could even call it a mentoring relationship.This is training but it is not certifiable.Now I am sure some one will say "you can submit this for training".I have been told this by several people but no one seems to be able to tell me the process.I have been asked several questions by fire fighters that I haven't been able to get anyone to answer.Questions such as #1 If I don't get my training this year can I still be on the fire department?I did get this question answered-with at least 3 different answers from 3 different"officials"#2 If I don't get my training this year what do I have to do to get back active? I got this one answered to 3 different ways by 3 different "officials"#3 What if I have a lot more than 24 hours training,can I carry them over?#4 Why did that department get that many hours training for xyz course and I only got half that many?I have noticed that the people who are most rigid in their view of training have a background quite different from most of the people who are firefighters in this part of the state.Any time some one says cut off their act 833 funding I get suspicious.I wonder where their heart is ?do they really want to help the little rural departments that are struggling to survive?I think some people believe that a community would be better of with no fire or first responder coverage than have it with out their idea of being well trained.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A moment of clarity

Any one involved in EMS will understand this.
My partner and me in the ambulance on Sunday afternoon.He needs something from a quick shop ,we stop,he goes in.A truck pulls up a person gets out,he is cool and wants every one to know it.He has on a T-shirt with the sleeves torn off and it has the number and name of dead sports figure on it.Then on his shoulder I see it,the symbol of his pride,what makes him cool,what is going to give him everything in the world,he has the dead guys' number and name tattooed in dark bold lines.
My partner gets what he needs gets back in the 'lance.We began the discussion why would you have a dead guys' name and number tattoo?.The dead guy is never going to know it.Dead guy got paid millions of dollars to play a game.Dead guy never knew the guy with the tat.Guy with the tat never met dead guy.
Then we see it tat guy has dead guy tat,dead guy T-shirt and dead guy sticker on his truck.Then that moment of clarity We are working,we are wearing uniforms.He isn't working and he is cool.We need a dead guy tat.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My home defense preference

I love handguns,I like shooting them and seeing how accurate I can be.I've got several handguns but when things go bump I reach for a shotgun.
There are many reasons for this :
1-the stopping power of the shotgun is greater than any pistol could ever be.
2-the lower penetration of a shotgun (with the loads I shoot)vs a handgun round
3-the intimidation factor,yes I believe there is one nearly everyone is intimidated by the appearance of a short barrelled shotgun.
The shotgun I reach for when BUMP happens is a Remington 870 12 gauge with a 20 inch barrel and a magazine extension.It is a little of a glitz gun,Folding telescoping stock with a pistol grip,barrel shroud,flashlight,pistol grip for end,and at times a laser.
For a good defensive shotgun all this is not needed, I did just for fun.My personal idea of a good defensive shotgun would be a 20 inch barrel and a magazine extension,and some way of carrying a few extra rounds and a flash lite on it.
12 gauge or 20 I don't care when you began to look at shotshell performance tables you see only a small difference in the two.My thought has always been if the BUMPER survived a good hit with a 20 gauge I probably couldn't DEBUMP it with a 12.I do insist on a full stock,I can't shoot a pistol grip only shotgun.I have never seen any one who could.
For home protection I use #6 shot.I can hear people screaming "you got to use double aught buckshot for defense".Bear with me a minute,with my shotgun at approximately 50 feet I am looking at only a 2 foot pattern with #6s.In my house 48 feet is the maximum distance I can see.That means with #6 at the maximum shot distance in my house is going to give a 2 foot pattern.Now the 48foot distance is theoretical,it is from 1 wall to another to make the shot I would have to be standing on chest,with the targets back pressed against another wall.If I move two feet horizontally in either direction the shot drops from 48 feet to only 40.
If I move from the wall at my back the longest shot in my house becomes less than 30 feet.When you look at it from this viewpoint #6 becomes more reasonable.
My final reason for #6 is penetration,my interior walls are sheetrock to shoot from one room into another you only have to penetrate 2 layers of sheetrock. #6s are somewhat stopped by this,Double aught isn't even slowed down.
This is what I have for a BUMP IN THE NIGHT GUN,it works for me.It might not for you.I hope I made you think though.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The way to make gun people mad

These are questions I get asked pretty often and the answers I give.
What kind of gun do I need to buy for home protection?
I have to know more,do you shoot now? Do you own any weapons now?
Who else is in your house?Are they comfortable with a weapon in the house?How much do you want to spend?Do you have a CCP?Is your house rural or in town?Are you paying me for this advice?
No i don't ask the last one but I want you to see that there are many facets to the question.Generally it comes down to this,"I don't have much money but I really would like to have something for home protection,What do you recommend?"
For the time being lets just talk about handguns, later we will talk about long guns.The sole purpose of a handgun is to level the playing field between you and an aggressor.It doesn't have to be pretty or artistic it is meant to be used for saving lives.
If you have a concealed carry permit and want one weapon to serve as a ccp and home defense weapon and you don't have a lot of money there is a good choice.It is the Keltec P-11.I know there are some gunnies out there right now saying "there is no way I'd trust my life to anything other than a smith,Beretta,Walther,colt,glock,ruger".They are screaming you can get a good used smith or whatever for the same price as a new keltec.Maybe they can I never have been able to.
The keltech as it comes from the factory holds 11 rounds of 9mm.This is probably the most widely used handgun cartridge in the world. However the Keltec will accept smith magazines which will increase capacity to 14.
In the concealed mode use the keltec magazine in the home defense mode slip in the smith magazine.
You are going to pay around 300 bucks for a keltech.For this price you get a functioning , reliable handgun.To make the gun even bettter go to the keltec website ,and do a search for keltec owners group.Here you can find some very helpful information and people.
If the 300$ is too much for you and if you are not really concerned about carrying concealed-this is where all the people who own high dollar guns go ballistic-you might try a High Point.These guns are heavy and awkward looking,the finish looks like krylon but they go bang when you pull the trigger.
For less than 200$ you get a gun that fits my hand well , is more accurate than I am and in my experience is as reliable as any gun ever made.I don't know the shooting life of a HP but mine has over 2500 rounds through it and appears to be just like it is brand new.
There is only 1 reason I would hesitate to make an HP my daily carry and that is the weight of the thing.It is heavy.
HP are called gang banger guns but if you don't have a lot of money and don't care what it looks like and want to keep your family safe,it works.
When the time comes when you need a weapon in your hand , the super hi performance do it all race gun for 4000$ that you don't have because you can't afford it,will not do you much good.The ugly cheap High Point, people laugh at, in your hand might save your life

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The stories we tell

My friend says that some times you just have to say "There I was all alone in a Strange City.I say the stories I tell are true , I know because I make them up myself.
I hear that all the Ambulance services in Arkansas have finally gotten paid for the hurricanes.
Thousand of anxious readers are harassing Budd wanting more ICS advice.I am honored to say I am attending "Decision Making and Problem Solving" and "Incident Response foe Emergency Managers".
DM&PS promises much to Budd.I think that the class will be very beneficial in establishing Forward Operating Bases.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm just not convinced yet

The stimulus package, grants (money)going to the same places that get it in every grant cycle.I thought things were supposed to change.
Health care investment, No money going to first responders and EMS.Maybe we are not part of health care.I am just not convinced that this whole thing is going to work.
Besides who pays for this?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

a funeral

I lost a friend this week,no that's not quite right I had a friend killed in an accident this week.
I am not quite sure how to write about it.The preacher was the pastor who volunteers as chaplain for the jail.He read a note from my friends mom that said all he ever wanted to do was to be a police officer.I can identify with that.
I noticed the people there volunteer firefighters,EMTs,and cops , a prosecutor, a former judge ,an attorney or two.
The uniforms: from midnight blue to gray and black to southern sheriff brown and tan,to EMT white.Cops out of uniform and plain clothes cops in the plain clothes uniform and young guys who didn't know what to wear. Volunteer fire fighters who have no uniform . There were some who had never been to a funeral before and some who were scared because this was too much like church.
They played Vince Gills "GO Rest High on the Mountain which somehow seemed really appropriate.
My Fire Department guys knew him and had worked with him and helped extricate his body.They will have a tough time for a while but they did their job and they did it well.They will do it again and again,when ever they are paged to do it.
He made mistakes and a some bad decisions but I am glad I knew him. He didn't hold my mistakes and bad decisions against me . He for a while got to live his dream.I told him once "man I consider you a friend".
I would say the same thing again.
We always shared a laugh about a time we were out of town for training and some of the things he had done.
I'll miss you .

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What is the purpose of your Department?

What is the purpose of your department?We all know the standard answer to protect lives and property.Budd thinks that would be a good answer to the question what is the purpose of government.
Budd is frustrated by the action of the Arkansas Fire Services Protection Board.They are to help your department to protect lives and property.However some members of the board see their purpose as to gain more money for their favorite group.Others look down from the lofty heights of paid departments on the volunteer departments and think to them selves "we need the money worse than Podunk VFD".
am I the only person who has noticed that if you have a meeting in the middle of the week you have more people from paid departments than volunteers?The reason is the volunteer has a job and he can't get off for the meeting.
The Arkansas Fire Protection Services board needs to make sure their purpose is to protect lives and property,not build empires
What is the purpose of your department?We all know the standard answer to protect life and property.Budd thinks that would be a good answer to the question what is the purpose of government.
Ok we got the trauma system tax passed,now let's use some of the money to recognize first responders and fund them.In large areas of Arkansas the first care that a trauma victim gets is from a first responder.How is it going to ruin any ones career at the health department to legitimize first responders.Budd will even help you with it.
Step 1 Arkansas fire academy teaches the national DOT first responder course.
Step 2 student takes test
Step 3 AFA grades test
Step 4 AFA sends certificate to those who pass the test
Step 5 student sends copy of certificate copy of drivers licence and 20 bucks to Dept of Health
Step 6 Dept of health sends card saying you are a first responder for the next two years and then you have to take the course and test again to the student.
If the department of health even wants to come look at the designated first out rig for first responder calls and charge me 20 bucks again I got no problem with it.If however they want to have a long list of equipment that is required other than the basics they need to go back and read the answer to "what is the purpose of government?"
The dept of health must realize that vfds with first responders are not ambulance services,VFDs have no way of recovering expenses

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don Maclean where are you?

Friday February 13,2009 was not the day that the music died,however I am afraid it might be the day the USA got really sick.
Not only is the stimulus package unworkable,it contains several items that are scary to Budd.
Though the exact words might not be there the ideas certainly are.Ideas like a national health care director deciding who gets what in health care,like gathering and storing too information about me,like gun control.
Am I the only one left that doesn't want some one to take care of me , cradle to grave.I will b e responsible for my well being and for my families . I would really like for the democrats to quit trying to take care of me.Please President Obama leave me alone.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Arkansas Trauma System

I really believe that this could be the defining issue of this legislative session.This could be the session that will be known as the one that really did something for Arkansas.
I know that the people in Little Rock are breathlessly waiting for my advice.At this very moment calls are being made all over the capitol saying have you heard from Budd yet,I really don't know what to do until I hear from him.There are text being sent from one legislator to another asking has the newest WAOB out. By Budd's own humble admission WOAB is the primary guidance for most people involved in state government.The general rule is the more important decision the more you need WAOB.
Some of you may not know it but Budd was not always a philosopher,advisor to powerful people.He was once (for most of his life)a construction worker.Budd learned many things in the construction business.Many of these lessons apply to life in general.
One of the most important lessons you learn in building things is start at the bottom.You don't build from the top down.The reason for this is without a good base or foundation , no matter how pretty a building you build it will crack ,leak ,and not last.
The people who are sponsoring the Arkansas Trauma System Bill need to realize this. Build a good foundation first.Trauma care starts with fire department first responders . As the bill is now written first responders are not mentioned.
If you are a first responder call your legislator and point out that you are part of trauma care and you would like to have some input and be recognized as part of the system.
Fire departments in Arkansas have for too long been taken for granted. Everyone wants to tell them what their job is but have never realized that maybe we can actually have some intelligent to contribute to the discussion.
We must recognize first responders!

Friday, January 30, 2009

New and Improved WAOB

I made my first trip to the new UAMS today.It is really nice and is far better than the old hospital.But Budd has one question:did the person who designed the ambulance parking ever drive an ambulance?I think that who ever designed it has had two other jobs in life he was first a logistics manager at a disaster and then he developed the idea of credentialing.I'm not sure he would even know to park his command vehicle across the rail road tracks.
But the new hospital is really nice and I am proud of it.
On another topic we really need the state to recognize medical first responders.If a person takes the national DOT course and passes it we need to recognize it.I know first responders save lives.I would not expect the health department to certify them for nothing ,20$ seems reasonable to me.The certification could last for 2 years and then the responder could take the course again.After all changes happen in EMS all the time and taking a 40 hour course again is not too much to ask..
If you agree let me know if you don't let me know.This is a legislative year and now is the time to act.
We are praying for those who are impacted by the ice storm.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Right to keep and bear Arms

I am a shooter, I don't apologise for it. I know what our constitution says , it is pretty plain I think anyone who wants to can understand it. The people have a right to keep and bear arms. To someone as simple as me that means that the people of this country can have guns. There is no restriction mentioned. I have a right to own guns.
The fact that I own a gun does make me more likely to commit a crime , if anything it probably makes me less likely to.
Why do I own guns for several reasons:
1-I enjoy shooting.It is a sport , I don't like football.I like to shoot.I like to see how small a group I can make in a target.
2-I enjoy the engineering and craftsmanship that went into building a gun. I don't have paintings on my walls, but I find just as much art in examining a gun.
3-I own guns for defense.Not just self defense but the defense of my family and loved ones. When I spoke my marriage vows to my wife , I agreed to protect her and my future family. I have a sacred responsibility to protect my family to protect them. I have a duty as a citizen to protect them.Isn't this what civilization is caring for others, protecting others. I will go so far as to say those who oppose my right to own a gun are one of two things,they are either uninformed or they are not good citizens.
To me there is no middle grounds, any compromise always leads to those who have something losing it.
I respect law enforcement they do a job I couldn't do it.They are like fire departments ,that is they have a lot to do and not enough rescoures to do it.They can not protect my family or me.In fact courts have ruled that they are not required to.I will attempt to protect my family and myself.I don't ask the goverment to,just leave me and my gun alone.
If you are a gun owner you had better be writing your senators and reps.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

WAOB-1 thing

What if I determined to do 1 thing each day to benefit my department.Just one thing that was above what is required.1 thing and not care if anyone noticed.1 thing just to benefit someone else, 1 of my brothers and sisters. 1 thing that was not for my benefit or to help me just 1 random act of kindness or honor for my department.
After a week I would have done 7 things for my department after a year 365.Then my department might be a better department.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

waob-very random thoughts

Actors say that comedy is the most difficult type of acting.When I first began WAOB the idea was to with humor look at those of us in emergency services in such a way that we would look at our selves and constantly reevaluate our duty performance.This ain't easy,for several reasons 1-my sense of humor is a little of kilter,2-a lot of people in our line of work take themselves way too seriously,3-I can't type . 4- my spelling is terrible.
I am going to give advice to us: don't let your job control your life.I too often have.No matter how hard you work or how much time you put in , your department is never going to be perfect, mistakes will continue to be made-learn from them and move on.Just this week I heard some one say our life priorities should be God,Family,Job.I think they were right
We need to learn or relearn some words.Words like honor,truth,duty,dedication sacrifice . We meed to realize that honor means we will do what is best for others not our selves.One of the first lessons in EMS is you are the patients advocate , how long has it been since you thought of that?
We need to practice courtesy , It might be difficult at 2 am when you respond to a domestic call for an assault.But courtesy is the oil that makes the call go smoother.
Try to look at your next response thru the eyes of the person with the problem.
One more thought here in Arkansas the legislature is in session your Representative and senators phone ought to be ringing off the wall. A little math there are roughly 1000 fire departments in Arkansas if 10 people from each department called we could have anything we wanted.But we all have to be playing the same game and some times i think we are playing on different fields.
Personal empire building does not make strong departments.
Of course you could tell your legislator to park his command vehicle across the railroad tracks.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Hopes

Here are a few things I hope for in 2009.
1- That the people who asked for me to vote for them will remember what they told me they would try to do.
2-That we can get the 24 hours of "certifiable" training mess cleaned up or that at least some body will be able to give me a straight answer when I ask a question.
3-That ADEM will realize that they need to deal with local responders when developing plans,procedures,guidelines,policy,etc. If NIMS is required teach it in every county,PLEASE.
4- That the state fire marshals office will actually become involved with all depts in the state.
5 That Medical First Responders will be recognized at the state level.
6-That I will be faithful to Jesus Christ , my Lord and Saviour .
7- That we standardize command vehicle parking , Some places don't have rail road tracks.
8- That I get to meet many more of the unselfish people who give so much to the people of this state through emergency services