Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Hopes

Here are a few things I hope for in 2009.
1- That the people who asked for me to vote for them will remember what they told me they would try to do.
2-That we can get the 24 hours of "certifiable" training mess cleaned up or that at least some body will be able to give me a straight answer when I ask a question.
3-That ADEM will realize that they need to deal with local responders when developing plans,procedures,guidelines,policy,etc. If NIMS is required teach it in every county,PLEASE.
4- That the state fire marshals office will actually become involved with all depts in the state.
5 That Medical First Responders will be recognized at the state level.
6-That I will be faithful to Jesus Christ , my Lord and Saviour .
7- That we standardize command vehicle parking , Some places don't have rail road tracks.
8- That I get to meet many more of the unselfish people who give so much to the people of this state through emergency services


Anonymous said...


These are definitely things we need in our Firefighter / First Responder lives!

Especially #2, #3, #4, #5!!

I'm tired of every department doing something different. I am also tired of Emergency First Responders not getting the recognition we deserve on a state level for providing the care that we provide for the patients we care for!

Very well done post... stay safe out there.

Anonymous said...

I have been with the volunteer fire service at Lonsdale since 1983, and served with Hot Springs FD from july 1993 till july 2008. One thing i want is for the vols and career depts to work as a team. There is a place for both. Also they both have needs and both need to realize the others needs. Also the 24 hour training, nims, and ics headaches.