Friday, January 30, 2009

New and Improved WAOB

I made my first trip to the new UAMS today.It is really nice and is far better than the old hospital.But Budd has one question:did the person who designed the ambulance parking ever drive an ambulance?I think that who ever designed it has had two other jobs in life he was first a logistics manager at a disaster and then he developed the idea of credentialing.I'm not sure he would even know to park his command vehicle across the rail road tracks.
But the new hospital is really nice and I am proud of it.
On another topic we really need the state to recognize medical first responders.If a person takes the national DOT course and passes it we need to recognize it.I know first responders save lives.I would not expect the health department to certify them for nothing ,20$ seems reasonable to me.The certification could last for 2 years and then the responder could take the course again.After all changes happen in EMS all the time and taking a 40 hour course again is not too much to ask..
If you agree let me know if you don't let me know.This is a legislative year and now is the time to act.
We are praying for those who are impacted by the ice storm.

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