Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Right to keep and bear Arms

I am a shooter, I don't apologise for it. I know what our constitution says , it is pretty plain I think anyone who wants to can understand it. The people have a right to keep and bear arms. To someone as simple as me that means that the people of this country can have guns. There is no restriction mentioned. I have a right to own guns.
The fact that I own a gun does make me more likely to commit a crime , if anything it probably makes me less likely to.
Why do I own guns for several reasons:
1-I enjoy shooting.It is a sport , I don't like football.I like to shoot.I like to see how small a group I can make in a target.
2-I enjoy the engineering and craftsmanship that went into building a gun. I don't have paintings on my walls, but I find just as much art in examining a gun.
3-I own guns for defense.Not just self defense but the defense of my family and loved ones. When I spoke my marriage vows to my wife , I agreed to protect her and my future family. I have a sacred responsibility to protect my family to protect them. I have a duty as a citizen to protect them.Isn't this what civilization is caring for others, protecting others. I will go so far as to say those who oppose my right to own a gun are one of two things,they are either uninformed or they are not good citizens.
To me there is no middle grounds, any compromise always leads to those who have something losing it.
I respect law enforcement they do a job I couldn't do it.They are like fire departments ,that is they have a lot to do and not enough rescoures to do it.They can not protect my family or me.In fact courts have ruled that they are not required to.I will attempt to protect my family and myself.I don't ask the goverment to,just leave me and my gun alone.
If you are a gun owner you had better be writing your senators and reps.

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