Saturday, January 17, 2009

waob-very random thoughts

Actors say that comedy is the most difficult type of acting.When I first began WAOB the idea was to with humor look at those of us in emergency services in such a way that we would look at our selves and constantly reevaluate our duty performance.This ain't easy,for several reasons 1-my sense of humor is a little of kilter,2-a lot of people in our line of work take themselves way too seriously,3-I can't type . 4- my spelling is terrible.
I am going to give advice to us: don't let your job control your life.I too often have.No matter how hard you work or how much time you put in , your department is never going to be perfect, mistakes will continue to be made-learn from them and move on.Just this week I heard some one say our life priorities should be God,Family,Job.I think they were right
We need to learn or relearn some words.Words like honor,truth,duty,dedication sacrifice . We meed to realize that honor means we will do what is best for others not our selves.One of the first lessons in EMS is you are the patients advocate , how long has it been since you thought of that?
We need to practice courtesy , It might be difficult at 2 am when you respond to a domestic call for an assault.But courtesy is the oil that makes the call go smoother.
Try to look at your next response thru the eyes of the person with the problem.
One more thought here in Arkansas the legislature is in session your Representative and senators phone ought to be ringing off the wall. A little math there are roughly 1000 fire departments in Arkansas if 10 people from each department called we could have anything we wanted.But we all have to be playing the same game and some times i think we are playing on different fields.
Personal empire building does not make strong departments.
Of course you could tell your legislator to park his command vehicle across the railroad tracks.

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