Sunday, February 1, 2009

Arkansas Trauma System

I really believe that this could be the defining issue of this legislative session.This could be the session that will be known as the one that really did something for Arkansas.
I know that the people in Little Rock are breathlessly waiting for my advice.At this very moment calls are being made all over the capitol saying have you heard from Budd yet,I really don't know what to do until I hear from him.There are text being sent from one legislator to another asking has the newest WAOB out. By Budd's own humble admission WOAB is the primary guidance for most people involved in state government.The general rule is the more important decision the more you need WAOB.
Some of you may not know it but Budd was not always a philosopher,advisor to powerful people.He was once (for most of his life)a construction worker.Budd learned many things in the construction business.Many of these lessons apply to life in general.
One of the most important lessons you learn in building things is start at the bottom.You don't build from the top down.The reason for this is without a good base or foundation , no matter how pretty a building you build it will crack ,leak ,and not last.
The people who are sponsoring the Arkansas Trauma System Bill need to realize this. Build a good foundation first.Trauma care starts with fire department first responders . As the bill is now written first responders are not mentioned.
If you are a first responder call your legislator and point out that you are part of trauma care and you would like to have some input and be recognized as part of the system.
Fire departments in Arkansas have for too long been taken for granted. Everyone wants to tell them what their job is but have never realized that maybe we can actually have some intelligent to contribute to the discussion.
We must recognize first responders!

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