Sunday, March 1, 2009

a funeral

I lost a friend this week,no that's not quite right I had a friend killed in an accident this week.
I am not quite sure how to write about it.The preacher was the pastor who volunteers as chaplain for the jail.He read a note from my friends mom that said all he ever wanted to do was to be a police officer.I can identify with that.
I noticed the people there volunteer firefighters,EMTs,and cops , a prosecutor, a former judge ,an attorney or two.
The uniforms: from midnight blue to gray and black to southern sheriff brown and tan,to EMT white.Cops out of uniform and plain clothes cops in the plain clothes uniform and young guys who didn't know what to wear. Volunteer fire fighters who have no uniform . There were some who had never been to a funeral before and some who were scared because this was too much like church.
They played Vince Gills "GO Rest High on the Mountain which somehow seemed really appropriate.
My Fire Department guys knew him and had worked with him and helped extricate his body.They will have a tough time for a while but they did their job and they did it well.They will do it again and again,when ever they are paged to do it.
He made mistakes and a some bad decisions but I am glad I knew him. He didn't hold my mistakes and bad decisions against me . He for a while got to live his dream.I told him once "man I consider you a friend".
I would say the same thing again.
We always shared a laugh about a time we were out of town for training and some of the things he had done.
I'll miss you .

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