Sunday, March 15, 2009

A moment of clarity

Any one involved in EMS will understand this.
My partner and me in the ambulance on Sunday afternoon.He needs something from a quick shop ,we stop,he goes in.A truck pulls up a person gets out,he is cool and wants every one to know it.He has on a T-shirt with the sleeves torn off and it has the number and name of dead sports figure on it.Then on his shoulder I see it,the symbol of his pride,what makes him cool,what is going to give him everything in the world,he has the dead guys' number and name tattooed in dark bold lines.
My partner gets what he needs gets back in the 'lance.We began the discussion why would you have a dead guys' name and number tattoo?.The dead guy is never going to know it.Dead guy got paid millions of dollars to play a game.Dead guy never knew the guy with the tat.Guy with the tat never met dead guy.
Then we see it tat guy has dead guy tat,dead guy T-shirt and dead guy sticker on his truck.Then that moment of clarity We are working,we are wearing uniforms.He isn't working and he is cool.We need a dead guy tat.

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