Thursday, March 12, 2009

The way to make gun people mad

These are questions I get asked pretty often and the answers I give.
What kind of gun do I need to buy for home protection?
I have to know more,do you shoot now? Do you own any weapons now?
Who else is in your house?Are they comfortable with a weapon in the house?How much do you want to spend?Do you have a CCP?Is your house rural or in town?Are you paying me for this advice?
No i don't ask the last one but I want you to see that there are many facets to the question.Generally it comes down to this,"I don't have much money but I really would like to have something for home protection,What do you recommend?"
For the time being lets just talk about handguns, later we will talk about long guns.The sole purpose of a handgun is to level the playing field between you and an aggressor.It doesn't have to be pretty or artistic it is meant to be used for saving lives.
If you have a concealed carry permit and want one weapon to serve as a ccp and home defense weapon and you don't have a lot of money there is a good choice.It is the Keltec P-11.I know there are some gunnies out there right now saying "there is no way I'd trust my life to anything other than a smith,Beretta,Walther,colt,glock,ruger".They are screaming you can get a good used smith or whatever for the same price as a new keltec.Maybe they can I never have been able to.
The keltech as it comes from the factory holds 11 rounds of 9mm.This is probably the most widely used handgun cartridge in the world. However the Keltec will accept smith magazines which will increase capacity to 14.
In the concealed mode use the keltec magazine in the home defense mode slip in the smith magazine.
You are going to pay around 300 bucks for a keltech.For this price you get a functioning , reliable handgun.To make the gun even bettter go to the keltec website ,and do a search for keltec owners group.Here you can find some very helpful information and people.
If the 300$ is too much for you and if you are not really concerned about carrying concealed-this is where all the people who own high dollar guns go ballistic-you might try a High Point.These guns are heavy and awkward looking,the finish looks like krylon but they go bang when you pull the trigger.
For less than 200$ you get a gun that fits my hand well , is more accurate than I am and in my experience is as reliable as any gun ever made.I don't know the shooting life of a HP but mine has over 2500 rounds through it and appears to be just like it is brand new.
There is only 1 reason I would hesitate to make an HP my daily carry and that is the weight of the thing.It is heavy.
HP are called gang banger guns but if you don't have a lot of money and don't care what it looks like and want to keep your family safe,it works.
When the time comes when you need a weapon in your hand , the super hi performance do it all race gun for 4000$ that you don't have because you can't afford it,will not do you much good.The ugly cheap High Point, people laugh at, in your hand might save your life

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