Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free to GOOD Home

I don't have a selfish bone in my body. I apparently don't care about getting rich. The spring weather has led to yard work which led to discovery of the fire ant attack.
Someone else will figure a way to sell these little suckers and get filthy rich. I've tried to sell them on facebook and door to door with no success.
I am now offering free to a good home purebred, suitable for breeding purposes, very prolific, quality mound building fire ants.
They make great gifts for Yankees.Do not feel greedy if you want all of them I am anxious to share

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GingerJar said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Having lived in North East Texas for many years, I chose to not take you up on the fire-ant offer. LOL.

Here, we don't have much of the tornadoe risk, although Hurricane's present a real danger...last one that hit here (Dolly) did lot's of damage, but without the tornadoes (thank God).

I experienced my share of Tornadoes during the time I lived in Clarksville, Texas and DeKalb, Texas...the Red River Valley...tornado alley baby! I lived in Clarksville when Paris, Texas was hit by a huge tornado in 1989 and in Palestine, TX when hit by a large tornado in 1992 (I think). Hate them can't run and you can't hide!

I sat out one especially terrifing tornado in the old Jail of Dekalb with my children and the dispatchers children. My Father-in-law was a deputy sheriff, we lived in a mobile home, my husband worked out-of-town. It was by far one of the scariest nights of my life!

Keep up the good work....We need great EMT's and Fire-fighters!