Friday, April 24, 2009

More adventures in NIMS land

Things I have heard lately in NIMS land. NIMS land is the courses the feds tell you that you must have to continue doing what you do.

Unified command that's where you all have a representative making the decisions.The next day the same instructor gives the scenario of an mva, with police,fire and EMS responding.Then says the volunteer fire department will probably not park where the police want them to.HUH?
Park the big red truck so that drunks have to run through it to hit you. A destroyed big red truck is better than an injured firefighter.

Asking about any stimulus money for fire departments I actually heard a state employee say there are loans out there.If we could pay a loan back we would go get one and I wouldn't be asking about grants.

Not overheard but I did read it.Stimulus money in Arkansas called public safety and going to law enforcement and abuse centers.That's fine and good but what about volunteer fire departments.

I actually had another state employee tell me there is a program that does grants for fire departments.Yes ma'am we have applied for it numerous times, what are we doing to help volunteer fire departments? Well I don't know she said.

Do the people in Little Rock know that there is a rural Arkansas?

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