Sunday, April 12, 2009

Uncontrolled Chaos

The weather service has determined that the tornado that occurred in Sevier and
Howard counties was an F3.Top wind speeds are estimated to have been 140 MPH.
A few lessons were learned in this. Our local people need more training in ICS. Our
response in Howard County was a little frazzled. We didn't maintain very good radio
discipline and tactical comms were done on the repeater. These are minor things but
need to improve them to reduce the chance of missed comms that are urgent.
I am afraid that all the NIMS stuff has been theoretical and local people have not
seen the true application of it. There is also a disconnect in agencies in the
acceptance of ICS.
Unified Command is still theory to some people.
AWIN overloaded very quickly. Each region needs a plan to monitor a regional channel
as well as their own dispatch. Some of us are doing this but we need to formalize the
Speaking of AWIN I am still not sure how there wound up being specific law enforcement channels and none for fire and EMS.

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