Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Attack of the Zombie Nurses

Once up on a time Budd was accused by a nurse of stealing her patient as well as her cell phone cover.This story was maiciously spread by rumor mongers(this is a speciality nursing area,rumor mongering)In order to protect his good name Budd tells the true story of what happened that fateful night.

It was a dark and stormy night Budds phone rings,He strains to hear the whispered voice:"Budd you have to come and rescue me,these so called nurses slapped me into this bed,chained me down and took my clothes.Budd being the person he is tries to see the good in everyone,even nurses said"I am sure they will be right back with you,they are probably overwhelmed by critical patients"."As soon as possible they will be back in there to comfort and treat you"
"No Budd you must save me"all they are doing is talking on the phone" To this Budd replied they are consulting with other highly trained medical profesionals about your case.
A whispered "NO!"was my answer,"they are talking to each other"PLEASE PLEASE RESCUE ME"
Later as Budd innocently approaches the ER he is still looking for the good in everyone.
Budd pleasantly walks in smiles and very nicely says to the nurses Hello how are you?
Suddenly fangs and claws appear and Budd is being attacked he fights for his life,he can't just fight his way to freedom he must save the patient.

Over and Over as the claws rake his eyes he hears zombie like voices repeating "nurse talk on phone must kill he who disturbs"
Overwhelehemed by sheer numbers and the ferocity of the attack Budd frees one arm and reaches for his EMS FIELD GUIDE as soon as it is brought out the Zombie nurses fall back in horror and awe,this is the magical book that talks about forbidden topics, things like patient care , Budd rushes down the hall and scoops up the patient and runs for the safety of the ambootaxi.Behind him Budd hears a howl of animal fury and a cell phone hits budd as he shields the patient with his body.The force of the impact not only did tremendous damage to Budds body but seperated the cell phone from its cover.Budd grabbed the cover and used it to stop his arterial bleeding from the injury,all the while rendering excellent patient care.
And that is how The cell phone case wound up in my possesion


Anonymous said...

now now super DUD....remember we do have video to show what happened!!! the zombie nurses rise again!!!!

cordially yours,

one of the zombie nurses!!!

Marshall Cans said...

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