Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zebras on the highway.

I am teaching a first responder class. I enjoy teaching because I always learn so much in every class. When you are teaching to fire fighters they always want to do something rather than listen to a lecture and this is good. Sometimes that want to do will get you in a bind. Tonight I tried to emphasize that every call is different and every call has a surprise in store for you.
Any one who has been around for more than 3 or 4 calls knows this. They know to sit back and watch for those surprises before they start doing. But we all sometimes forget it.
Before you start doing at the next call look around for surprises. It will certainly help you to live longer.
I believe I said something like at a scene it would not surprise me to see a herd of zebras coming down the highway.
I promise there will be more info on NIMS and Zombie Nurses.


cowgirljennifer07 said...

I'll remember this Monday night!

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