Monday, December 28, 2009

CHRISTmas day outage

Some time ,somewhere before noon on Christmas day there was a problem with a fiber optic cable.This problem wiped out Internet for everyone with out satellite Internet.Long distance phone service went down as well as some local coverage and cell phones.
I was bothered by the lack of preparedness by several groups charged with public safety. Apparently the phones at Howard Memorial Hospital are Internet based,I was able to explain to a nurse via radio where the emergency phone was.She had never been told what this phone was or how it was to be used.Unfortunately this phone also had problems in that it could only be used to make out going calls.
My father was admitted to the ER a ct was done but it was not able to be sent out to be read until that night.
There was no information going out to the public about the situation.It was not a major problem but it could have cost lives. All public safety groups need to come together at a round table to discuss and plan for events like this.


N5XFW said...

Sounds like a communications emergency,wonder how come the hospital didn't ask for help from the community ham operators?

sAtIvAl said...

Our new home was not finished yet so we were still in Blevins at the time. What have they done to rectify the problem since Budd?