Sunday, December 6, 2009

common sense EMS

There is a need for EMS in the more remote-read outside of Nashville-parts of the county. It is a hard 30 minute lights and siren run to Athens.People have proposed all kinds of solutions,some workable some not. The smallest amount I've seen published that anyone can put an ambulance in Dierks for is 11,000$ a month.
There is a solution all ready in place that for 15,000$ a year could save lives but no one has seen fit to utilize it. There are medical first responders all over Howard county.They are not supported by any tax money, they raise their own funds and buy their own equipment.
What would it take to use the first responders to the maximum benefit for the people of Howard County? I think the following will have to happen before the first responder program can reach its full potential.
1- recognition by the Quorum court as a legitimate part of EMS system
2- Director for the program must be hired this is a part time , probably around 10-15 hours a week.
3- Standardization of equipment, training and run reports over the county.
4- Development of county wide protocols
5- A medical director must be in place.
6- The following must be educated as to the capabilities,limits,and requirements of the first responders:law enforcement,dispatchers,Howard Memorial Hospital,EMS agencies and the public
If this is done the people of the county can have quicker,professional medical help, and it can be done for a very small cost.
Call me ,email me let me know your thoughts.


cowgirljennifer07 said...

I totally agree! and if there is any way I CAN help then I WILL. I believe first responders are verry importaint not only in Howard county but all over AR. I would love to see first responders given a chance and I am willing to do whatever I can to help! Jennifer

J.M. said...

Every emergency ambulance call in Garland County gets a first responder dispatch for the appropriate fire department. Any expendables used are replaced to the fire department by the ambulance, and billed to the patient by the ambulance.

The initial stock could come from the quorum court, or be funded by the FD's themselves, etc. It took us about 2 years to get all the FD's on board, if I remember correctly.

It sure makes a difference out past the end of the sun pipeline.

Are your communications systems robust enough for this? Do you have a single PSAP that could be tasked for this mission? Do you have interoperable systems between responders? Our 911 budget pays for most of the communications stuff, but that is because LifeNet dispatches the FD's. Your mileage may vary.